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Website / Video Production / Online Ads / Photography

Twin Green Traffic Signals is a traffic control device reclamation service located in Germantown, New York. Their core business is the salvage and sales of traffic signals, pedestrian signals, mounting hardware, and signs that have been removed from service. Repair, restoration, and service of signals and controllers is also part of their business.

The owner contacted me in looking to have a website built for his business. He had no existing site and needed a web presence to show off his services and what his inventory looked like. Although he does sell, he opted to use the website as a showcase for general inventory imagery and wanted to use eBay to do the actual selling. His website has proved to be very helpful. A number of production companies have found him to purchase signals for films and TV shows, including Mr. Robot, The Good Wife, Batman Begins, Rampage, and the 2020 release of West Side Story. Proper SEO has placed his site on page one of Google searches when looking to buy traffic signals.

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Over the years, the owner has called upon me for other media. One key piece is a video highlighting a typical signal reclamation trip. Filmed at a department of transportation station in Connecticut and at his storage area in Germantown, New York, I directed, shot, and edited the video, including shooting drone footage, creating animations, and recording the owner's narration. Using some of the photography obtained during the video shoot, I created online marketing material to show off his impressive inventory.

Overhead view of a traffic signal supplier yard